Post-Race Report: 2019 Yilan Dongshan River Ultramarathon

24/11/2019 10:00

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Prepared by Frank KUO and Samantha YING-HSIU WANG

General info

Race name: Yilan Dongshan River Ultramarathon 2019
Race place and date: Wujie Township, Yilan County, Taiwan; November 22-23, 2019
Race distance and label: 100Miles, 100K, 50K Road and Bronze Label



The 8th version of Yilan Dongshan River Ultramarathon is held at Yilan Dongshan River Water Park. The easy-going time limit makes it the first choice for the freshmen of ultra-marathon. The 100 miles race started on 9 PM, Nov. 22. Besides 100miles, there are 100km-Night, 100km-Day, 50km; and also offer shorter sub-events such as regular and half marathon, and a 10km fun run.  Altogether, 875 runners take part in the race.  The majority of foreign participants are the Hong Kong runners, there are 12 of them. Other 10 foreign runners are mostly from Asia, there are Japan, China, and Malaysia.

The race starts at night, runners must overcome sleeplessness and low temperatures at night. (Photo: WANG, YING-HSIU; CTAU Staff)


Runners’ presentation

Ms. HSIANG, Wen-Hsuan and Ms. CHOU Ling-Chun, two members of current national delegation, take part in the 100 mile race. Mr. CHEN, Chih-Yu, a young and talent runner,  runs his first 100 miles. Ms. CHOU and Mr. CHEN lead the race after start. While in 100km category, Mr. WONG Chi-Fang and Ms. WANG, Ying-Chih, the male and female 2nd place of last year’s 100K category, show up in the night group this year. There are lots of participants came to the race year after year aiming to break their personal record.

The smooth and scenic course is the main reasons why participants came to the race year after year. (Photo: KUO, KUO-PIN; Race Volunteer)

The continuous raising temperature on the second day were a tough challenge to every runner. In 100 miles category, Ms. CHOU takes the lead from the beginning to the end, and finished the race in 16hrs 6mins 42secs. She is the only runner reach the IAU international level in the race. While in man side, Mr. CHEN and Mr. WU Bihh-Shii, the 2 runners’ leading pack, persistently run the 20K lap on the road and keep resist the heat. They finished 100 miles in 4 minutes before and after: 19hrs 08mins 46secs and 19hrs 12mins 41secs. In the end, there are 22 participants successfully break their personal record in the race.

Awarding ceremony  of Male Top 5 in 100 miles category. (Photo: LIU, HUI-CHI; Race Volunteer)


There are more and more teenage children participants in 10K, that show the potential sports future in Taiwan! (Photo: WANG, YING-HSIU; CTAU Staff)


Race Result

Female Top 3 results - 100 Miles
  1. CHOU, LING-CHUN (TPE) 16:06:42
  2. HSIANG, WEN-HSUAN (TPE) 20:40:02
  3. HUANG, YEN-LING (TPE) 22:08:22
Male Top 3 results – 100 Miles
  1. CHEN, CHIH-YU (TPE) 19:08:46
  2. WU, BIHH,SHII (TPE) 19:12:41
  3. YEH, CHANG-YUAN (TPE) 19:26:32


Ms. CHOU and Mr. CHEN, the 100 miles  male and female champion, finished the race. (Photo: CHEN, YA-LUAN; Race Volunteer)


カウンター カウンター


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