Post-Race Report: 2019 Soochow International Ultramarathon 24H

16/12/2019 12:00

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Prepared by Frank KUO 

General info

Race name: 2019 Soochow International Ultramarathon 24H
Race place and date: Taipei, Taiwan, December 14-15, 2019
Race distance and label: 24hr, Silver label race

The 20th edition of Soochow 24hr race was held at the campus track of Soochow University, Taipei city. It is the 4th oldest 24hr race in the world and is celebrating its 20 years’ anniversary this year.  The Soochow 24h race is one of the most competitive ultraraces in the world, it owns IAU Gold race label four times. Many elite runners took part in this race and wished to refresh their personal best. It produced two world WBPs, three continental best performances and dozens of national records in the past 20 years

This race is an invitational race, only 40 elite ultrarunners are invited. Half of them are local runners whose best performance should over IAU national level. This year, runners from 9 countries, Japan, India, Poland, Spain, Czech Republic, Hungary, Hong Kong, Australia, Malaysia, take part in the race. Top four male runners of last year are invited, but the ranks are different from last year because of competitive race.

The 20 years’ anniversary exhibition. (photo: Soochow University)


Runners’ presentation

In the men’ division, Mr. Ishikawa, the IAU 24hr World Champion of 2017, did not take part in this year’s WC and aiming to win the race. While Mr. Ivan Penalba Lopez who was the winner of last year is defending his title and hope to refresh national record. Ivan takes the lead in the beginning. He rushes to lead Mr. Ishikawa for 10 laps and then stick to run with him in the following stage of the race. Ivan speed up and run alone when he found the leading distance has been closed up. While Ishikawa ran his own steady pace, 13.5 kilometer per hour, started from the beginning. The two world class ultrarunners’ competition attract all the audiences and make the race even more exciting to watch. At about 18th hours, 3 AM, Ishikawa started to close the gap between he and Ivan. Ishikawa’s final result is 279.427 km and he wins the Soochow 24hr race for the second time. He sent his gratitude to his opponent Ivan in the post-race Press conference. While Ivan showed the ultra spirit in the awarding ceremony, he insisted to listen the winner’s speech from Ishikawa and gave him his applause on his way to visit the toilette. In the women’ side, Ms. Wu, the winner of 2018 Hong Kong 24h race, ran at very steady pace and won her first champions outside Hong Kong. Apparently many runners do not recover from the tiredness from the IAU 24hrace World Championship, Albi. Four male runners reach IAU international level, only one person short to apply IAU Gold race label this year. Dr. Pan, the President of Soochow University, still congratulated the organizing team for hosting a good race and wished the 20th version of race even more sucessful next year.

The starting of the race. The outer three lanes are used by the 1 hour celebrities.
(Photo: LIN, MING-TE; Photographer)

Mr. Ishikawa and Mr. Penabla Lopez run together most of the time during the race.
(Photo: Soochow University)

Top three of men and women in the post-race Press conference
(photo Soochow University)


The male and female winner, Mr. Ishikawa and Ms. Wu, in the awarding ceremony.
(Photo: Soochow University)

Men Top 5 Results
1.       ISHIKAWA, Yoshihiko (JPN) 279.427 km
2.       PENALBA LOPEZ, Iván (ESP) 274.332 km
3.       TAKAHASHI, Nobuyuki (JPN) 253.600 km
4.       HOSAHALLI NARAYANA, Ulla’s (IND) 242.096 km
5.       PIOTROWSKI, Andrzej (POL) 231.932 km

Female Top 5 Results
1.       WU, Yi-Hua (HKG) 215.262 km
2.       RADKA, Churañová (CZE) 206.461 km
3.       LIU, Chien-yu (TPE) 201.021 km
4.       LIN, Yi-Ru (TPE) 194.242 km
5.       DAI, Siou-Yu (TPE) 188.847 km

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