05/07/2019 08:00
    電腦中文版,請點我    手機中文版,請點我            
22/04/2019 12:00
Post-Race Report: 2019 Run Across Taiwan Ultramarathon  [IAU Website Article Link]   Prepared by Edit Bérces, Frank KUO and YING-HSIU WANG   General info Race name:    Run Across Taiwan Ultramarathon Race place and date: Taichung to Hualien, Taiwan, April 12-14,...
26/02/2019 10:26
Taipei 48H Ultramarathon Race name: Taipei ultra-marathon           Race place and date: Taipei city, Feb. 15-17, 2019 Race distance and label: 48hr, IAU silver label race  The 8th edition of Taipei ultra-marathon is held at...
02/12/2018 18:29
Post-Race Report: 2018 IAU 24H Asia & Oceania Championship  http://www.iau-ultramarathon.org/index.asp?col001=1856&tmp=tmp1&menu_id=News&submenux=News&more=x&foto= Japan dominated 2018 IAU 24 hour Asia & Oceania Championship. Yuri...
26/11/2018 18:21
Pre-Race Report:2018 IAU 24H Asia & Oceania Championship http://www.iau-ultramarathon.org/index.asp?col001=1852&tmp=tmp1&menu_id=News&submenux=News&more=x&foto= 2018 IAU Asia& Oceania 24H Championship will be held at Taipei, Taiwan on...
27/04/2018 12:56
Post-Race Report: 2018 Run Across Taiwan Race  [IAU Website Article Link]   Prepared by Frank Kuo April 13-15 saw the fourth revival of Frank Kuo’s 246km Race Across Taiwan organised by the Chinese Taipei Association of Ultrarunners.  Formosa is a substantial island...
21/11/2016 15:08
Post-Race Report: 2016 IAU 24H Asia & Oceania Championships Written by Samantha Wang & Frank Kuo     The IAU 24H Asia and Oceania Championships were rounded off in Kaohsiung city.  The Competition was held from November 19 to 20 at the Kaohsiung National Stadium.  The...
20/11/2016 18:00
2016 IAU 24H Asia / Oceania Championships START!!!! (11/19-20 in Kaohsiung)  Welcome to venue, cheers for all runners!   RACE INFORMATION  大會 流程  Program Schedule  選手名單公告 Athletes List 即時成績 IAU 24H Live Reporting (Only available on...
17/11/2016 14:44
Pre-Race Report: 2016 IAU 24H Asia & Oceania Championships Written by Frank Kuo & Nadeem Khan       The inaugural IAU 24H Asia& Oceania Championship will take place at Kaohsiung on November 19, 2016. Located in southern-western Taiwan and facing the Taiwan Strait,...
02/09/2016 18:33
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